Application effect

Round contour C1083S-D/F


1.Imported silicon rubber material is adopted for waterproof gasket,the module circuit is closed of the whole light body by silica gel;

2.Ingress protection IP66.


1.Imported PC material with anti-UV& anti-aging resistance;

2.Rubber cable:Adopted rubber cable which is abided by the GB7000.1-2015 5.2 requirement for outdoor application. the rubber cable is much more durable than PVC using at outdoor application. PVC is fragile easily when used at outdoor;

3.Welding procedure: the flat rubber cable is welded solidly to the PC board of LED luminaire, which is to solve the problems created by using pin pressure-fit procedure, such as pin oxidized and loosing contact etc.

Optics:Adopted 4in1 (RGBW) LED be able to create the best uniformity of full white light range of color temperature (such as 6000K,5000K,4000K,3000K,2200K and colors light (such as water blue, sky blue, light purple, light green, amber, water red), and it is also good to achieve much better pure white light and color mixing lighting effect.

Installation: Fixed by the screws, easy for installation.


1.16.7 million lighting effects of RGB color changing, achieve synchronization, chasing, flowing light effects, DMX512 compatible.;

2.Luminaires with the functions of testing and feedback of temperature and electrical parameters.

Application:Suitable for decorative lighting such as square, landscape, facade building, large building, theme park and entertainment areas etc.

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