Application effect

Ultra-narrow beam angle F1024B/C


1.Adopt new patent of air filter device for preventing moisture condensation inside the luminaire. (Utility Model Patent No.:ZL201020185275.4), balance the pressure difference between internal and external of luminaire;

2.Imported silicon rubber material is adopted for waterproof gasket;

3.Ingress protection IP66.

Anti-static:Special electronic component and circuit against static (ESD) and surge has been adopted according to the standard of IEC61000-4(level 4).Max. (Peak Current)up to 3000 A(8/20μs).

Universal voltage:100~240VAC±10%.

The advantages are as followings:

1.It is applicable to input voltage of most countries and suitable to the areas of wide range voltage fluctuation, universal voltage is also good for the stability of LED brightness and life span.

2.It is not only good for cost saving and time saving to integrate LED driver and control system into light fitting,but also it is good for the overall reliability of LED products and control system.


1.According to the LED heat dissipation performance, the heating is conducted quickly through the luminaire structure to guarantee the LED luminous efficiency and life span;

2.Toughened ultra-white glass,surface color is jasper black finish.

Installation: Base is fixed by the screws, easy for installation.

Optics: Adopted ultra-narrow beam lens 4°,95% luminous intensity has been focused on center beam, suitable for façade lighting of high rise building, bridge, stadiums and container terminal etc.

Control: 16.7 million lighting effects of RGB color changing, achieve synchronization, chasing, flowing light effects, DMX512 compatible.

Models list

LED color

  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • amber
  • 2700K-3000K(WA)
  • 4000k(WN)
  • 5000k(WH)
  • 3-in-1 RGB

Cable outlet

  • power cable Parallel connection,without waterproof connector
  • power cable Series connection,with waterproof connector
  • power cable Parallel connection,without waterproof connector singal cable Parallel connection,withou

Specification of LED

  • 700mA
  • 1000mA
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