Application effect

Round contour C1036AS


1.Imported silicon rubber material is adopted forwaterproof gasket;

2.Ingress protection IP66.


1.According to the LED heat dissipation performance, the heating is conducted quickly through the luminaire structure to guarantee the LED luminous efficiency and life span;

2.According to the GB7000.1 - 2015 5.2 requirements of outdoor luminaire, waterproof connector (Nickel-plated brass) is a must to be adopted to fix power cable. anti-pull up and does not easy to loose;

3.Adopted rubber cable which is abided by the GB7000.1 - 2007 5.2 requirement for outdoor application. the rubber cable is much more durable than PVC using at outdoor application. PVC is fragile easily when used at outdoor.

Optical: Light output form 4 directional of luminaire, point light is on the top of luminaire, to create unique petaline shape light effect.

Installation: Fixed by the screws, easy for installation.

Control: 16.7 million lighting effects of RGB color changing, achieve synchronization, chasing, flowing light effects, DMX512 compatible.

Application: Suitable for outline lighting of urban building and bridge railing.

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