Application effect

Square contour C2051S-C/F


1.Imported silicon rubber material is adopted for waterproof gasket;

2.The circuit is closed of the whole lights body by silica gel;

3.Ingress protection IP66.


1.Streamline shape design of housing, small and delicacy, easy to hide and invisible.;

2.Adopted rubber cable which is abided by the GB7000.1-2015 5.2 requirement for outdoor application. the rubber cable is much more durable than PVC using at outdoor application. PVC is fragile easily when used at outdoor;

3.Welding procedure: the flat rubber cable is welded solidly to the PC board of LED light, which is to solve the problems completely by using pin pressure-fit procedure, such as pin oxidized and loosing contact etc.


1.Fixed by screw easy to install and invisible, suitable for exterior walls installation;

2.Steel strip installation suitable for indoor and outdoor to achieve the lighting effect of display screen.

Control: Adopted RCS-8000-SD Intelligent LED light control system, maximum controlled 5.4 million pixels, maximum distance between 2 lights is up to 6m.

Application: Suitable for decorative effect such as square, outdoor landscape, facade building, large building, theme park, entertainment areas and splicing of large LED display screen, spherical screen etc.

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